About Us

Vizta Provides Sensational Viewing

Vizta is a newly established brand of LCD television and monitor products that are an excellent value for the consumer. Consisting of ultra thin, eco-friendly LED TV’s and monitors that are affordable, functional and deliver excellent picture quality.


Vizta represents the future of consumer electronics, by providing high quality, feature rich products that allow you to enjoy your life in your personal space. By utilizing the most efficient manufacturing processes and business practices, Vizta products are consistently available at affordable prices, enabling people the ability to buy the technology they need, when they need, at prices they can afford.




Vizta products strive to achieve excellence in product and business function. Utilizing creativity in product development and business execution, we rely on integrity in all things we do. Our goal is to enable individuality while being responsible to our employees, consumers, and environment.




The value of Vizta is in providing the optimal balance of performance and cost delivering the best value possible.




Vizta promises to provide consumers with innovative environmentally responsible products for people that will enhance their lifestyles and productivity.